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Lady GaGa - Dope Lyrics

Lady GaGa - Dope

Artist : Lady GaGa
Song Title : Dope
From The Album : Artpop
Released : November 11, 2013
Genre : Dance-pop, synthpop
Songwriters : Lady Gaga, Blair, Monson, Zisis
Producer : Rick Rubin, Lady Gaga
Label : Streamline, Interscope

Lady GaGa - Dope Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Cork's off, it's on
The party's just begun
I promise this
Drink is my last one
I know that I fucked up again
'Cause I lost my only friend
God forgive my sins

Don't leave me, I
Oh I'll myself until I die

My heart would break without you
Might not awake without you
Been hurting low, from living high for so long
I'm sorry, and I love you
Sing with me, "Bell Bottom Blue"
I'll keep on searching for an answer cause I need you more than dope

I need you more than dope
Need you more than dope
Need you more than dope
I need you more than dope

[Verse 2:]
Toast one last puff
And two last regrets
Three spirits and
Twelve lonely steps
Up heaven's stairway to gold
Mine myself like coal
A mountain of a soul
Each day, I cry
Oh, I feel so low from living high


I need you more
Need you more
I need you more than dope


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