Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Avril Livigne

Avril Livigne is one of a popular signers among youngsters. She is 28years old but looks like that she is only 15. She have kept herself such young and marvellous in looks.

Date of Birth: 27September 1984
Place of Birth: Belleville, Canada
Lived in: Canada
Height: 5.1" - (1.55m)
Zodiac: Libra
Relationship Status: Divorced - Married to Deryck Whilbey
Profession: Song Writer, Singer, Guitarist
Singing Since: 2002 - Present
Official Site:

In start she was singing with her two sibling in very young age. She started singing in 15. She appeared on stage with Shania Twain. Her biggest hit in 2002 were "Complicated" and "Sk8r Boy". Both of songs were mostly popular among youngsters. Complicated was ranked number 1. Her album was released "Let`s go" that was her first album and earned almost $2 million. Avril Signed Christina records first time in 2007.
Not just due to her talent, she become popular due to her styles. Her styles attracted many teens and youngsters.

Albums List: 

Let`s Go - 2002
Under my skin - 2003
The best Damn thing
Good Bye Lullaby - 2011

In 2004 she applied letter "D" on her waist.
She have won also many of the awards.

1. Best Canadian Musicians Hairs - 2008
2. "Complicated" Best Pop Song - 2003
3. "I m with you" Most performed song for pictures - 2004
4. Best Album Award "Le`s Go" - 2004
5. Best Rock Alternative Songs - 2003
6. Best song awards to "I m with you", "Complicated"  and "My Happy Ending"

Other than these she have won many other wards including Favorited Female awards and Juno Fan Award.
She is still doing excellent job to get more and more success in her field. Her new videos are Innocence, Alice and What the hell are getting popular a lot. A perfume has also introduced with her name. 


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