Sunday, 20 October 2013

Cassadee Pope - Champagne Lyrics

Cassadee Pope

Artist : Cassadee Pope
Song Title : Champagne
From The Album : Frame by Frame
Released : October 8, 2013
Genre : Country, pop rock
Songwriters : Hillary Lindsey, James T. Slater, Ben West
Producer : Dann Huff
Label : Republic Nashville, Universal Republic

Cassadee Pope - Champagne Lyrics

4 o�clock in the morning, city lights
Like diamonds lighting up the night
The party�s over but we�re not
Take a taxi down to the water
Moon is out, but it�s getting hotter
It�s been hours now, haven�t had a drop
And this feeling won�t stop

You�re my champagne, baby you go straight to my head
Just one taste, I�m about as high as I can get
Voice shaking, heart skipping
One look and my world�s spinning out
You�re my champagne
You�re my champagne

Long walk home cut through the park
Give away our secrets underneath the stars
Getting lost, but we laugh it off
Don�t got cash, but we got time to spend
Don�t stop, don�t want this night to end
Wanna drink it up, every sip of you


Oh I�ll never get enough of you



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